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Running Medals Losing Their Luster

Once upon a time when I was fast enough to place in my age group, and maybe occasionally place overall in a small race, I stuck around afterward eager to receive my well-deserved, hard-earned medal. I had to work hard to get to a place where I felt that sense of accomplishment. Now, you can sign up for just about any running event and receive one for just paying the registration. Everyone receives a finisher’s medal!

This has been the standard for most marathons and many half-marathons for years...

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Instantly Motivated to Run

After not having run any events since the wedding in 2007, I suddenly find myself motivated again. I ran the La Jolla Half, and now have entered the Fargo Friday Night 5k, the Fargo Half Marathon, the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon and the MLB All-Star 5k. I also want to enter the LA Rock and Roll Half Marathon along with another event in the Rock and Roll series so I can get the triple crown medal...

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