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Running Medals Losing Their Luster

Once upon a time when I was fast enough to place in my age group, and maybe occasionally place overall in a small race, I stuck around afterward eager to receive my well-deserved, hard-earned medal. I had to work hard to get to a place where I felt that sense of accomplishment. Now, you can sign up for just about any running event and receive one for just paying the registration. Everyone receives a finisher’s medal!

This has been the standard for most marathons and many half-marathons for years...

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Just got back from Fargo last night. Tired. We got to the see the land for the first time, and it looks to be in good shape. We also visited with Sarah’s cousins and had a good time. I look forward to going back.

Lana’s first plane trip was good for the most part. She was very fussy at times, and it’s hard to hold her in our lap for a long while.

The 5k and half-marathon went well. It was difficult to remember these were training runs and not races...

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