12 Miles and a Chance of Rain

My 12 mile run yesterday was an interesting one. I ran an out-and-back course, which can be scary when there’s a good chance of rain because if it hits you half way, you don’t have much of a choice but to run back in it. That’s exactly what happened, too.

The problem with the long runs being scheduled on Sundays is that you usually can’t make it up the next day if you miss it. It’s hard to do 2 hour runs on a weekday, especially as it gets dark early...

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Shins Happen

Ran a difficult 9 miles a week ago in mid-day heat and it did not feel good. I didn’t expect the warmth we had – and the lack of shade along my route didn’t help. I ended up slightly dehydrated. Yesterday was a simple 6 mile run, but now the right shin is beginning to flame up. This injury has hit me every year for the past three marathons. With an eleven mile run coming up this Sunday, I hope the pain subsides quickly.

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