All Star 5k in Anaheim

We went up to Anaheim last Saturday and let Lana play in the hotel pool for a bit, which she loved. Met Cameron and Alanna up there and then ran the All-Star Game 5k Sunday morning. It was a good course, which ran through the ball park, but if you were late getting out, you got stuck standing at mile 3. The people were bottle-necked into the stadium and then had to come out the same tunnel they came in. With several thousand people stuck, it was tough to watch...

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Mixed Marathon Review

Mixed reviews for this year’s marathon. First off, the sun cooked me early. I knew at the 13 mile mark I wasn’t going to hit my goal, so I slowed WAY down so I didn’t overheat. I finished 15 minutes off my goal time, but I actually enjoyed it more. Not pushing to try and meet a certain time took a lot of pressure off. I did get quite a nasty sun burn, though. That actually is more painful than the legs, which are moving surprisingly well today.

I think I’m done with the San Diego Rock and Roll m...

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