Mixed Marathon Review

Mixed reviews for this year’s marathon. First off, the sun cooked me early. I knew at the 13 mile mark I wasn’t going to hit my goal, so I slowed WAY down so I didn’t overheat. I finished 15 minutes off my goal time, but I actually enjoyed it more. Not pushing to try and meet a certain time took a lot of pressure off. I did get quite a nasty sun burn, though. That actually is more painful than the legs, which are moving surprisingly well today.

I think I’m done with the San Diego Rock and Roll m...

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Just got back from Fargo last night. Tired. We got to the see the land for the first time, and it looks to be in good shape. We also visited with Sarah’s cousins and had a good time. I look forward to going back.

Lana’s first plane trip was good for the most part. She was very fussy at times, and it’s hard to hold her in our lap for a long while.

The 5k and half-marathon went well. It was difficult to remember these were training runs and not races...

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