Southern Gospel Project Gets Updated Release Date (Sort Of)

In Studio with Geno

The long awaited southern gospel album from producer and artist Timothy Michael Robertson is finally beginning to take on its final edits, and although no one can give an exact date of release, those close to the project are saying they are hoping for early summer.

That’s about six months further out than originally projected, but releasing an album later than projected is nothing new. Artists are continually battling production and schedule conflicts along with marketing and other unforeseen circumstances.

Robertson, though, has been battling his health.

Robertson had to put aside recording for several months after straining the voice during an throat infection. He then re-aggravated the injury in mid-December, pushing the release date out several months from what was originally projected.

What we do know is that the record is set to include ten songs – all of which are said to have incredible significance to Robertson’s faith journey. Even though a full list isn’t available, we have confirmed that two songs that have been staples of Robertson’s throughout the years are being worked on and are expected to make the cut.

“Precious Lord, Take My Hand” has been performed by Robertson on several occasions, including a hymn concert in 2008 as well as during the church service in which his daughter was baptized. Engineers have confirmed it has been included for the album.

“Mary, Did You Know?” (first recorded by one of Robertson’s southern gospel influences, Michael English) is annually requested by Robertson’s home congregation in San Diego, CA during Christmas concerts and services. Michael English was the first recording artist to record and release ‘Mary, Did You Know?” on his debut album titled Michael English in January 1, 1992.

English and Robertson performed “Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy” together in concert back in early 2008, but there is no evidence that song made it to Roberson’s record.