More Tracks Confirmed!

Tim Robertson in studio

Over the next few weeks, TMR will be putting the finishing touches on his southern gospel album and we are finally getting a better picture of how it will sound.

Robertson has already released an unmixed version of “Hold My Hand”, and in January we were able to confirm two other tunes, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” as well as the popular “Mary, Did You Know?” had been added. Now comes news that “Temporary Home” and “Deep (Way Down)” have been completed and added to the track listing.

Neither is a surprise as they both make sense to the feel Robertson spoke about wanting for this project.

“Temporary Home” was originally released in 1992 by the Gaither Vocal Band with Michael English on lead. In 2001, Robertson introduced it to his home congregation where it immediately became a church favorite. Then, his church featured finger-style guitarist Tom Boyer, who was able to capture the “chicken pickin’” that helped put the tune over the top.

Robertson notes that “Deep (Way Down)” worked in the exact opposite. The song was introduced to him in the early 2000′s by his church’s house band, “Witness” when he was asked to sing lead. It, too, became popular with their congregation and is still played regularly as a praise and worship tune on Sunday mornings.

With a total of five songs confirmed, half of the album has taken shape and looks to include some unexpected and fun surprises along with many congregational favorites.